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Mon, Feb. 16th, 2015, 10:40 am

Well, absolute boredom has brought me to LJ today. I was thinking about LJ. I remember when I used to post here on the daily, lol. Teenage years documented. Embarrassing, lol.
So where do I start? at the beginning I'd suppose.
Still working at Howie's and still driving. Money is good. It's nice to have 4,500 in the bank as I've never had money before, lol. I'm still off the booze, June 11 will be two years. I'm still single.. all my friends aren't lol. Which, as usual, I'm in my own company. That seems to be a blessing and a curse, depending on the day. It's basically lonely as hell and I really have nobody to talk to about these things, but hey, bottle it up right? lol. Well.. I guess that's it. Not too insightful but hell, maybe I'll make more entries into this thing a little more often than once a year.. if I can remember. Wouldn't count on that, LOL.