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Sat, Feb. 21st, 2015, 12:01 pm
Writing twice in a weeks time haha

So lets see where I'm at. I need to meet new people, that's for certain. Obviously, I'm on the outside looking in at most things everybody else is doing, which is fine, I'm quite used to that in my 28 years alive. I march to my own beat, always have and I always will.. no reason not to, I say.
I've been single a long fucking time, lol. I'd like not to be, but what can ya do? I'm definitely in a unique situation. I don't drink anymore obviously, so there rules out meeting a chick at the bar. I've tried the online dating thing more than one time and that is generally a disaster. It can be defeating at times. Especially when I got myself out of all the dumb shit I was doing before with the substance abuse and all of that shit. For the first time since I was a young teenager, I'm straight in my life. The results are still the same. That gets to be a bit much at times, but like I said, I'm straight and I handle it pretty well these days.
Not that being single is a bad thing because it's not. It would be nice to have somebody to confide in. It's always a nice thought. I've been saying that something will come along one of these days, been saying that shit for years and years, I'm not quite sure that I believe it much these days. Everyone is married with kids and shit like that now. I can't even find anybody to eat food with. Haha. I'll be good though, it's not an emotion I haven't felt a billion times anyway. Just another day, isn't it?