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Wed, Aug. 12th, 2015, 02:17 pm
We knew him well

Well, Dirtfest came and went, it was pretty cool. Kind of boring though, honestly. Probably wouldn't have been if there were more/better bands that I liked there. No biggie though, Down was awesome. Get to see my favorite band, yes please. Got one more show coming up for this summer though, and it's a bucket-list-doosey. The mighty MOTORHEAD. I wanted to see Van Halen and AC/DC as well, but I had to choose one. 3 shows in a weeks time, I can't get that time off of work and I'm really not trying to spend that kind of money as well. All good, though.
I've spent a lot of money this summer though, so I'm not mad at only going to one show. It'll be nice though, once the fall comes (as much as I don't want summer to go), business at the job will pick up and I'll be making more money. I need to get back into just straight saving. I think at the beginning of summer I had about 5,6 thousand in the bank. I'm down to 2, lol. No worries though, I'll be back up there in no time.

Trying to build my credit back up, I've kicked my own ass over the years, but it is what it is. So far, so good though.

This damn infection on my left forearm is hurting today, I've been on antibiotics for a good while now, probably going to have to bite it and go see a doctor this weekend or something. I hate the damn doctors, lol. I've been doing everything I can to NOT go there, lol. Stubborn as a motherfucker, I guess.

Anyway, working the 3:30 to close today by myself, so this should be interesting.

That's about it. Rock 'n roll.