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Sat, Jul. 25th, 2015, 10:59 am
2 in a row

Two days off of work in a row. Friday and Saturday. Unheard of, lol. I'm digging it though, just been laying low at home, saving some dollars and whatnot. I've stopped going to casinos, lol. They we're alright there for a little bit, but I lose too much damn money when I go to those. I work too hard for that just to give it to the casino. Winning is nice, don't get me wrong, but my luck had been cold as December, lol. That's alright, I'd rather stay at home anyway.

Hmm.. WHat else? I have cellulitis again. I don't know how I get these damn infections. I can understand maybe why I would have gotten the other ones, as I was still a drunken fool and my hygiene I guess wasn't as good as it could have been. I've been on top of that these past couple years, I shower on the daily, or the next day if I missed a day. But whatever, I'm susceptible to infection I suppose. Not the funnest shit in the world, I can assure that. Luckily though, Blackwell gave me some of his old antibiotics so this shit should be gone sooner than later, plus that totally saved me a trip to the doctors. I only go to the doctor if it's an absolute must (stubborn much, eh?).

Not quite sure what I'm going to get into today though. I was considering going up north but I never did pull the trigger on that. Of course, I'm always going to places alone, lol. It's pretty much par for the course. I guess I probably should get myself out there. Of course, being a 29 year old single dude, I really don't know where to find women. I've tried the online dating shit, and ehhh.. it's slim pickings, lol. Maybe I'm just too damn picky. Although, I suppose I've always been like that, but fuck settling for less, ya know? My head is screwed on tight these days. Keep fighting the good fight I say.

Well, I guess that'll about do it for this entry. Boom.