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Wed, Aug. 5th, 2015, 10:57 am

Fuck I'm in a god damn shitty mood this morning, lol. I shouldn't be, it's fucking beautiful outside. I just have that feeling of god damn, if people aren't needing anything, they aren't talking to ya, ya know? It's fucking old. I go above and beyond for motherfuckers, not that I expect the same in return because that would just be foolish to think that. But anyway, I'm not going to sit around and stew in that shit for the day, there's better shit to do. It is maddening, though.

So what's coming up? Dirtfest on Saturday, which should be fun. But of course, I'll be the only one not drinking.. again. Too damn tired of being on the outside looking in. Story of my fucking life, really. I need a change, ya know? The same old same old is driving me fucking nuts. It would be different if there were some different things. I'm 29, single as fuck and with no kids, I should be out exploring the god damn country, doing some awesome shit.

I'm done writing in this thing for today, though.